How To Write Your Life Vision & My Life Vision

as of 5-19-2021

I am a husband, father, brother, son, and friend. I am an environmentalist, photographer, explorer, and storyteller. Each day, I wake up early and declare my intention for the day: to create the highest quality of life for myself and my loved ones, and to help others do the same.

My day starts by honoring my mind and body. I workout, stretch, and prime my body for a lifetime of health. I have a healthy body that empowers me to bring my goals, ideas, and passions into reality. I have a body that allows me to fully be there for the ones I love. In the morning calm, I take time to steady my mind and reflect on all that there is to be grateful for. My morning routine primes me for the day.

Before starting work, I spend time with Michelle and our children. When I spend time with them, I am fully present. Everything in my life has its place, time, and priority. When I am with my family, I am with them completely. They are my number one priority.

Michelle and I have a deep and loving relationship. We are partners in all respects. We put each other first and constantly work to support the other person to the best of our abilities. Michelle helps me free up my time, so I can focus on the things I am passionate about, things that bring us financial freedom but also better the lives of others. I support Michelle’s emotional wellbeing. I provide her with loving kindness and affirmation. I let her know that she is more than enough and capable of anything.

The first several hours of my workday are focused. I do my best work first thing in the morning. This work is planned out days or weeks ahead of time. Around 11AM, I begin having meetings and collaborating with others. Each day I push myself to solve difficult problems. I am out in my community. I study the world around me and look for inspiration and happiness. Whenever possible, I am a source of inspiration and happiness for others.

I have distinguished myself as a world-class filmmaker and storyteller. I help others achieve their highest quality of life through my ability to convey information, tell stories, and connect with others. I am upstanding and resolute in my actions. I am someone that others have total confidence in. I am a trusted leader at home, work, and in my community.

Everyday, I strive to learn something new or to expand my worldview. I challenge myself to grow and to live up to my fullest potential. I surround myself with smart and creative people who support and encourage my growth.

At 5:00 PM, I am done with work. The rest of the day is for fostering deeper relationships and recharging.

During the week, I only work Monday-Thursday. My weekends are for exploring new ideas and places, with the people I care about. I love spending time in nature and near water. I love food, everything from street food to the finest restaurants, as long as the food was prepared with quality ingredients and love. We make a lot of food at home and entertain guests regularly, as our home is a fun, welcoming, and loving environment.

We live in a simple home on a quiet street. Our home is close to a grocery store, coffee shop, a few different ethnic restaurants, and a farmers’ market. The house isn’t large, but makes good use of the space. It has hardwood floors, lots of character, and a kitchen that inspires me to cook and to entertain my family and friends. There are enough rooms for everyone who lives there to have their own space, but an inviting common space for everyone to come together.

Our house is clean and orderly, filled only with the things that bring us happiness. There is art throughout the house, some of it mine and Michelle’s, but much of it from travel and friends. We have a lot of indoor plants and a garden with abundant vegetables and flowers.

We take at least one, month-long vacation a year, to a new place–be it a country or region of the world. Our vacations are centered around exploring other cultures, enjoying delicious food, and spending time outside. By most respects, we are wealthy. Yet, we do not live in excess. We have a level of wealth that allows us to do the things we love and value. We value experiences and relationships more than things.

I have developed a personal practice that helps me connect to the world. Each day, I meditate. Each day, I read short spiritual passages. Each day, I spend time in nature–I feel and touch soil, I breathe fresh air, I let the sun shine on my skin, I play in the rain, I embrace the hot and cold.

Everyday, my heart is filled with happiness and gratitude. What good shall I do today?

If you get one percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done. – James Clear, Atomic Habits